Aug 18, 2011

SwagBuck Bonus

Head on over to Swagbucks!
There's a great bonus going on now!

Whether you’re a Swaggernaut who has already earned countless Swag Bucks from Special Offers or a newbie to it all, this week is a great time to complete offers for Swag Bucks. Why? I’ll tell you. Starting today (actually, we’ve already begun!) for any Special Offer you complete from now through Sunday, August 21st, you’ll receive a 20% bonus on what you earn That bonus will be applied no later than 4:00pm PDT on Monday, August 22nd.

Offers from the following providers qualify for the bonus:
Ad Rewards
Trialpay (Offers & Daily Deals)
Super Rewards
Peanut Labs (Surveys & Offers)
And our newest provider, please give a warm welcome to Sponsorpay!!!

Search & Win

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