Aug 27, 2011

Homemade Pear Baby Food

A great way to save money when you have a baby, is making your own baby food.

Not only is it a cheap way to feed baby, it is healthier. You make it sugar, salt and additive free!

I recently made some Pear Baby Food for my little one.

This was totally free for me to do, because I picked the pears off my mother's Pear Tree!

Very easily done!

Gather up some pears!

Peal them.  

Chop them up.

Boil in water. Do not add salt to water.
Blend pears in blender, or you can use a food processor.
You can add a little water if your pears are too thick.  I didn't have to with this batch.
That's it! Looks Yummy!
Poor into ice trays and freeze. When done, store in a ziplock in freezer. Then you only have to thaw out what you need.

The other day I priced baby food at Wal-Mart and was shocked to see that it was 50 cents a jar!
I made this big batch for FREE!

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